Hanover RC Club


No matter whether you are a beginner or experienced pilot, Hanover RC Club is Richmond’s favorite RC flying club.  We have both a grass and 300 ft Geomat runway with multiple plane stations.  You will experience members flying gas and electric foam, balsa planes, carbon fiber, EDF, and turbine jets to their limits.  Our members can help teach you the basics of radio control aircraft as well as expand your knowledge and ability to fly IMAC precision and 3D aerobatics.

RC Plane Club
RC Drone Club


First-person view, FPV, and drones are the latest fast-action craze in model aeronautics.  Come test your racing skills on our dedicated drone field with built-in obstacles.  Or just enjoy a lazy day buzzing around the field at your leisure. 


Gas and electric helicopters are all the buzz.  Many of our members fly both RC planes and helicopters.  Learn the basics of hovering, flight, and advanced 3D aerobatics with one of our dedicated helicopter instructors.  

RC Helicopter Club