General and Safety Rules

General Rules

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  • Club Members must also be a member of the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics)
  • Club Members must have taken and passed the FAA TRUST Test 
  • Club Members must register with the FAA and place their FA Registration number on their aircraft. 
  • Club Members must fly in accordance with the safety guidelines of an FAA-recognized Community Based Organization. 
  • Guests are welcome at our field. Guests may come out to our field to fly up to 3 times. After, to continue flying at our field, you will need to become a member. (Events excluded) 
  • Spectators and non-flying guests are required to remain behind the fenced area and are not permitted in the flight area. 
  • No smoking is permitted under the 2nd larger shelter. 
  • Please pickup after yourself. Dispose of trash in one of the two onsite trash bins. 
  • The last one leaving the field for the day is responsible for shutting and locking the entrance gate. 
  • Members who violate the Hanover
    RC Club Safety or General rules may be subject to having their membership revoked at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  • Pets are ALWAYS welcome. Please keep them behind the fenced in area and pickup waste. 

Safety Rules

  •  NO flying over Pits, Shelter Areas or Parking Area 
  • All flying must be done in  the flight area over the runway, and out in the field area. 
  • Only club members / pilots / spotters are permitted in the pilot station area. 
  • Pilots must stand behind or in line with the Pilot Stations. 
  • There is to be NO vehicles/driving in the flight area. This is to ensure the property and petromat runway remain in good condition. 
  • If you must go onto the flight line to retrieve a plan or for any other reason, you must announce that you are going “On the Runway” 
  • When flying, if others are flying pattern, try to with the pattern and not against those that are already in the air. 
  • When landing, if others are in the air, announce your landing intentions, as “Landing Left to Right”. 
  • Always maintain the visual line of sight of your aircraft. 
  • If an aircraft goes down, you must make every reasonable attempt to recover the downed aircraft along with all of the damaged/missing pieces. 
  • If you cannot locate your aircraft, please notify a club officer. 
  • Safety is everyone’s TOP priority. If you see something, say something. It is your responsibility. 
  • Have FUN! Use common sense and enjoy the hobby, safely! 

Report Safety Issues to our Safety Officer: 

Jon Ireland –